Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tsunami Rose- Handmade Paperbag Minis- VIDEO

Hello everyone, thank you for joining me today! Taking a break from Halloween stuff....  I have my printer up and running and I've been having so much fun creating paper bag minis from my printable journals. I have 2 to show you today. I have made a copy of each, I am planning on selling them at First Friday, November 1st here in Las Vegas. But more importantly, I will be re-releasing my journals as full page printables!! I'm really excited and I'm almost done with them and I am getting ready to post them on the shop soon!!

I wanted to share with you the paper bag minis I created using the full size (COMING SOON) "Life Abloom" & "Mechanical Error" printable journals. I do hope you enjoy the video I made along with the pictures below! Please leave me some comments and let me know how I did on these projects, I had so much fun!!

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