Friday, October 18, 2013

Gift Card Holder designed by Rhonda Ratliff using Witches Brew Printable Journal

I have used the coin envelope you get in the NEW Mini Journal "Witches Brew" to create this COOL Halloween Gift Card holder...
I thought this would be great to use instead of candy to pass out to all the little gobblins... use gift cards like to Micky D's or Little Ceasers Pizza... even since my hubby was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes... I try to think of those who also suffer with it and alot of children do. I also took a journaling tag from the journal kit to send "Halloween Greetings" and made a little card just for the neighborhood kids!...
Simply added a piece of creepy cloth I got at the Dollar Tree, somes beads, a spider charm, a couple of flatback pearls and buckles and for a closure I used some magnets I got at Miriam's Crafting Supplies then lastly I added a couple of mulberry flowers for some color.
I love the look vintagelook of the "Witches Brew" Mini Journal... stop by the shop to orders yours and get your OoKy SpOoKy Craft on!!!

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