Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose! Day 19

Sorry this post was so late! :D I didn't have a card for today and I wanted to have one for when I posted. I am at Veronica Meras she's having a crop at her house. Since I have my new camera I thought I'd take a picture of our little group session today. We were scrapbooking with our friends, Charlotte and Sherrie.


Sherrie is in the purple shirt, Veronica is in the back ground, and Charlotte is in the gray shirt. And that's me on the right! Looking all sorts of scruffy. :D

Today's sketch was #9


By Tsunami Rose

The paper is from Mosaic Memories. The Just Married is from MS Elegant Cake Art. The hearts are from Platin' School Book. Hope you ladies liked my card! :D

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