Friday, July 31, 2015

Junk Journal by Guest DT Debbie using the Charming Fragments Printable Journal

Hi it's me again!! I've got to tell you Daisy over at Tsunami Rose Designs has really out done herself with this paper line, the Charming Fragments Printable Journal.  There's so many different ideas rolling through my head with this paper.  Yesterday, I showed you one, well two.  A regular Pocket Letter and then a Mini Pocket letter.  And for today's is a Junk Journal of sorts.  I wanted to use all her papers in the kit, so I could better show them off, and I didn't want too many embellishments, because I felt it would distract from this awesome paper! So, I made a lot of the embellishments from her paper! Here's what I came up with....

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Charming Fragments- Printable Journal Kit

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  1. This is realy amazing, i must try this out some time, love it.
    Hugs Astrid