Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Altered Ribbon Spool by DT Marleen using the 12x12 and Sentiment Digitals

This project started out as a ribbon spoole. I bought it full of yummy lace, but as I hang up all my ribbons, I had the spoole spare. I decided to make it in to a little photo holder. I simply covered in in my paper fromTsunami Rose Designs! , and added the rings.. The rings are really old key rings I took apart and added to my spoole with a huge blob of silicone glue. While the glue was still wet, I added a ton of flower to hide the glue blob, but also add extra strength. Finished the whole thing with a few more embelishment, and added the greeting, also fromTsunami Rose Designs! .


Visit Marleen at her blog Marleen's Crafty Space.


DIGITALS USED FOR DT Marleen's Project are....
Digital Sentiment Stamps- "Happy Birthday" Girl- Pink
 Digital Sentiment Stamps- "Happy Birthday" Girl- Pink
12x12 Printable Scrapbook Paper No.8
12x12 Printable Scrapbook Paper No.8
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