Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greeting Card Tutorial by Linda ~ using New Beginnings Printable Paper

Take 2 pieces of cardstock in the size 6x12"
Score both at 6" and fold


Put adhesive on one side of 1 of the pieces

Cut on the other side of the cardstock, from corner to corner

This is how it should look now

Cut from corner to corner of the second paper - Then you should end up with 2 pieces like this

Put the 2 pieces together so it looks like this
Now its time for some patterned paper.

Take 1 piece 5½x5½" that you cut into 2 triangle shaped pieces, and 1 piece thats 5x5" that you add to a piece of cardstock thats 5 3/4x5½"
Put some adhesive on the right flip and fold it in
Add some patterned paper - Then repeat the last step and close the left flip
Add some more patterned paper
Put the square pieced patterned paper on the cardstock piece and...
...put it in the pocket.

Now to the really fun part...DECORATE

Hope you liked my tutorial, I sure enjoyed making it 

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