Thursday, November 1, 2012

Design Team: Kimberly Pate -"Life Abloom" Printable Journal Kit

About Kimberly Pate

I have been crafting a little over a year now, as a web designer, creativity comes somewhat easy for me, and I am planning to take that creativity and put it to use in my paper crafting. I am an online instructor, the grandmother of three and an avid sports fan. I visit other Scrapping blogs to gain inspiration.

One of the wonderful aspects of being a part of the Tsunami Rose Designs team are the sneak peeks we get from all of Daisy’s marvelous designs. Beginning on November 1st, Tsunami Rose Designs will begin selling the first ever, Life Abloom Printable Journal. This is one stunning design you will not want to miss. When you purchase a printable from the Tsunami Rose Designs Shop, you are purchasing a high quality digital image, that is printable on any type of printer. What is really superb, once you purchase the design, you can use it as many times as you desire. I promise, the Life Abloom is one design you will not want to miss. You will find the new printable journal here . To add to the fun, the first 20 people to purchase the journal will get an additional free $5.00 to spend in the Tsunami Rose Designs Shop. 

There are several pages we would love for you to follow, two on Facebook, the wonderful Facebook TRD Group! and the New TRD Facebook Page, the third page is the Tsunami Rose Designs by Daisy Collins blog page. Following the blog will provide you with daily inspiration on how to use the wonderful printables from the shop. 

My inspiration for you today: 

I have been honored and lucky to be a part of the Tsunami Rose Designs Design Team. As part of that design team, I have made and showcased Daisy Collins printable designs in the many cards I have made.  However, starting this month the design team has changed its format where we now have three teams. A team for cards, projects, and YouTube.  It has been an honor to serve on Daisy's Design Team for the last several months, and I am now pleased to announce that I have been promoted to Design Team Lead, where I will be overseeing the Card Team as well as the Projects Team. You will not want to miss a day of the action on the Facebook Page or the Tsunami rose Design by Daisy Collins blog page.  Also as a team member, I am one of the first to get to work with the new Life Abloom Printable Journal.  It is with great pleasure that I show you some of the pictures for a journal that I have created.

A Little Bit About My Journal

It goes without saying that I had a few challenges when working with this journal. However, as a crafter, this is how we improve our skills and create even better projects the next go around, right?

The first challenge was how in the world do I bind my journal.  Daisy helped me with this by providing me with some YouTube examples that she had found, and I did some research on my own as well.   I chose to bind my journal using ribbon.  Which is also another challenge all in its own.  For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, know that I am fairly new to crafting (just a little over a year) and I live quite a distance from a good craft supply store. I have a local Walmart about 30 miles from me. So, sometimes, you have to use what you can get your hands on at the time.  IN this case, I wanted satin ribbon, but settled for the polyester that I could get at my local Walmart.  Key tip for me is to not settle, and not use polyester ribbon ever again. The polyester ribbon frays something terrible as you will see in some of the pictures below.

The second challenges was how do I make my journal more stable.  This was an easy decision as I quickly decided once I got my papers cut, I would mount them onto white board, leaving a little extra on the side where I mount my ribbons. Thus, I do not cover up any of the wonderful designs of the paper.  Tip again, don't use white . . . the journal is ivory in color, so I should have used either a chip board, or a heavy pound card stock.  We live and learn right.

Aside from the wrong ribbon and the white card stock, I am really pleased with the outcome of my first journal. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of extras that come with the journal, and even some that you can purchase as extras.  In using the ribbon as my binding, my journal is very expandable, so I can stuff it quite full of memories without worry of ruining anything.

Here is a slideshow of my journal:

Complete "Life Abloom" Printable Journal Kit slideshow.

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  1. GORGEOUS Kimberly!!!! Love it :))

  2. Great wonderful job as usual Kimberly ......wonderful being on the same fantastic design team
    Much Love and hugs