Friday, May 11, 2012

I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose! Day 101 & Free Thursday Digital

Don't forget to enter your version of my 100th Sketch for a chance to win some gorgeous lace!!

It totally slipped my mind that yesterday was Thursday. LOL. Sorry you guys, here is your free Thursday printable on Friday. :D

The link will take you to photobucket. Where if you hover over the picture, click File and then download.

And as always, if you download these, I'd appreciate a comment below! :D


I am also selling some Father's Day Printables online on my Zibbet shop! You will receive the ready print file in email. :) Please make sure to check my shop as I will be adding other printables. I'm really excited about this. And I would really appreciate your guys support!


Today's daily sketch challenge is #28


I will post my card at a later time.

Please check out what my design team has done with this sketch!

May Design Team
  1. Kari -
  2. Kimberly ~
  3. Christina Berlanga-Mesa --
  4. Hannah Perry -
  5. Abbie Kay -
  6. Tricia -
  7. Sam Burdett -
  8. Debbi Taylor -
  9. SuzeJo Murphy -
  10. Eileen Sepulveda- Sanjose
  11. Veronica Meras-
  12. Ann Marie Lessner

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful printables. off to play around with them- though there wont be anything as awesome as you do miss daisy x

  2. Oh these are so cool i AM going to use them Yes i am .. Just not this second :D thank you so much huni x
    Loves xxx

  3. Thank you for these, they are beautiful. xx

  4. Thank you Daisy for these really cool printables! They look fun to try out on a project!
    Teresa K

  5. Daisy these are gorgeous, love them and thank you xx

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