Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Linda Gold ~ Beautiful Gift Card Holder using Witches Brew Printable Journal


 Take a cardstock - 12x4 - score at 4 and 8
Fold - Then cut away ½ inch on the right side
After that, Cut away a piece in an diagonal angle, as shown on picture
Chalk the edges and the score lines to get a Halloween-like look
Cut away a piece of the right flap - Then put some tape at the botton

Take 2 pieces of patterned paper in the size 3½x5½ inch - Chalk the edges

Fold and get the pocket taped down - Put a patterned paper on the left side and decorate if you want to.

Add the patterned paper of your choice on the front of your card - Then put tape around the edges of the paper

Take off the protective paper from the tape and add lace around the edges so it will be like a frame

Decorate as you like - A tip is to put a big flower where the beginning meets the end of the lace and make kind of a lock

Keep decorating the front as much as you like - And there you have a card where you can put a giftcard inside

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