Monday, April 29, 2013

Tsunami Rose Designs- Featured Zibbeter

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I am too excited!! I was totally stocked when I got the email from Zibbet about this!! As you guys know, I've had my Zibbet shop for over a year now, and this is just such a total sign  that I am heading towards the right direction!

Featured Zibbeter - TsunamiRose

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

    My name is Daisy Collins, I will be 25 soon. I was born and raised in Oxnard, California. My parents immigrated from Mexico. I now live in Las Vegas with my husband and a lot of close and extended family nearby.

    I started getting into graphic design when I was 14 after being given a computer and internet access from my parents. I learned how to use Photoshop mostly from online tutorials. I studied web design in college but, I’ve since decided to focus more graphic design and print. But that schooling doesn’t go entirely to waste, it really helps me run my blog efficiently.

    I was laid off from my cashiering job and found myself with a lot of time and I knew I wanted to keep occupied being creative and started posting on a blog I had deserted. At first it was just my handmade scrapbook layouts, cards and creations, then it started snowballing into me blending my graphic design skills and scrapbooking. I soon found myself enjoying creating designs to print and use in my cards and other projects. After I’d design it, I’d put it up as an email-download on my Zibbet shop which I opened in  Feb of 2012.
  2. Apart from being ‘creative’ what do you do?

    The funny thing is I am always doing something design related. I’m lucky enough to be able to dedicate myself full time to graphic design. On my off time of designing for scrapbookers…. I scrapbook. I love scrapbooking at home or going to different local scrapbook meet ups with friends in Las Vegas. I also volunteer at First Friday which is a monthly art festival. That is also where I sell my card designs and network with other crafty artsy people. I’m also going to be teaching card classes at a local art loft soon.

    Other than all that…. I love hanging out at home with my husband, watching documentaries, and playing Fallout 3 & New Vegas. I also enjoy family get-togethers and lately I’ve love crafting with my mom and helping her get her online shop started.
  3. What inspires you to do the kind of work you do?

    There’s a couple of things that could inspire me, a color palette I see online or in my natural environment, an oldies song, suggestions from customers, or browsing through I am lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, and love visiting the LV Design Center and the World Market Center, they have furniture designs from all over the world. When I see designs similar to mine there-  I know am on the right track.
  4. Do you look up to anyone? Who? Why?

    I look up to my parents a lot, they taught me that to be successful in life you have to work hard and respect yourself and others.

    In the art world I look up to Van Gogh, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Betsy Johnson. I‘ve looked up to Van Gogh ever since I was introduced to him in elementary school. I admired his sense of color and just his overall  style. I had a chance to see one of his works of art recently and it almost drove me to tears, it was like meeting him. I learned about Jean-Michel Basquiat in like the last two years, he died a couple years before I was born, but I saw his documentary on Netflix. I was just so inspired by how young he was, how he lived his life, the colors he used and the politically-driven subjects he chose to paint. I was mostly inspired by the fact that he stayed true to himself and his roots.  I admire Betsy Johnson because of her pattern/flower mixes. She is a HUGE influence on me, I just love her funky rock girly style. And she seems like someone who would make a great friend and there wouldn’t be a dull moment with her.
  5. What other passions do you have in your life?

    I am passionate about 4 things: the internet, design, family, and my husband. My life revolves around these four passions and they often intertwine.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  6. What do you like most about Zibbet?

    I like how affordable it is to set up shop! I also love the customizations we can do to our shop. The shop stat info is very helpful as well and helps me set goals. You have a great thing going here and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.
  7. What ‘new’ things would you like to see added to Zibbet?

    I would just adore an instant download feature. And since it is 100% of my business, it would just make it so much easier for me to have the products available for download right after they are purchased. As it is right now, I have to email them over to the customer. It’s not a lengthy process, but it could be easier. I would also love if we could use .gif files as our shop banner!
  8. How do you promote your work?

    I promote by posting new items, tutorials, challenges, and features on my blog then sharing blog post on my Facebook Fan page and on my own personal Facebook account. I am also a part of many, many Facebook crafting groups and share the new products & blog posts with them.  I also use Pinterest and my favorite, Stumbleupon.

    I also run an international design team with the help of two good friends, Kimberly Pate and Rhonda Bewley-Ratliff, to help get the word out about my shop and my designs. My design team create wonders with my designs and tell their bloggers or Youtube viewers about my shop. It is a full time job to design the products and showcase them to my bloggers, so they take half the weight off my shoulders, I am very grateful to each and every one of them for their help.
  9. How would you recommend other Zibbeters make the most of

    I suggest that they hop on the social media bandwagon. Nothing is better than free advertisement. Also networking is very important! You will meet some great friends that will be more than happy to help you cross-promote your products. Also, remember branding!
  10. In the future I’d like to be…

    Designing a scrapbook line that is mass produced and available to everyone! I’m currently working on getting a stamp line up and going. I am definitely planning on using my Zibbet shop to help me get it done.

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  1. YOU ARE THE BOMB DAISY! You truly rock and I am happy that I found you and your designs! I hope to meet you someday soon whenever you are in Oxnard visiting family. You are an inspiration...keep up the good work! Cheers!
    Rhonda Lee