Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inked Blog Hop

For the I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose July DT Blog Hop 

Welcome to INKED -- I love the artwork that is being used in tattoos and its amazing how many people are getting tattoos now-a-days and its not just for bikers or marines anymore! This hop then is dedicated to the beautiful artwork whether you have a tattoo or not . . .

We all get tattoos for various reasons. I have noticed that women that with breast cancer that have their breast removed are now a large group of getting tattoos. When my lump was first found and of course with all the concern -- I thought and still feel that if and when my breast would be removed, I want to have a glorious tattoo of a peacock!!!!

The art of tattoo can be anything as simple as a name or as beutiful as a peacock and there is always a story behind a tattoo.

This blog hop is dedicated to the stories and the artwork behind a tattoo. If you happen to visit today at my blop, I appreciate the visit but I would love for you to appreciate all the wonderful projects that are being displayed today and would want you to stop at the first inking with Lynne at If you arrived from visiting from Rhonda @ then you are on the right artful path of inking!!!!

We are very blessed and fortunate to have Daisy Collins of I Love Sketches by Tsunami Rose for $10 of merchandise in her zibbet store (

My very first tattoo I got not to long after I turned 18. Me and my then boyfriend of a year got engaged and I decided that I wasn't responsible enuff to take care of expensive jewelry so we decided to get matching tattoos. I can't tell you how many times I stared at it! Now adays I forget it's there under my wedding ring, but other people always like to comment on it. :) I think it's cute and little and not that noticeable and I love it. Makes me smile to see it. :)

I got these tattoo'ed on the back of my ankles because I always like to choose a somewhat of a different spot than everyone else. I got the flower idea from a paisley pattered skirt that I have had since I was like 10. When I had gotten them,I was on the search for a new job and since they looked like a compass, I thought they would give me a sense of direction as to where to go from here on in my life. I adore these on me and I'm so happy every day that I got them. I feel so dainty with them. :)

Thanks for stopping today and visiting our tribute to inking with the glorious artwork behind tattoos!


  1. I have wanted a tattoo on my finger for awhile now just can't figure out what.
    Laura d

  2. Awesome!! Loved the story and your ink and the placement.... not sure if I've ever seen anyone with the placement behind the ankles! Hey, it's you, they're awesome, different, and they work!! Love it!!

  3. Great story of your tats.I love them and they are fantastic on you.
    Hugs, Anita

  4. love the finger inks. its a awesome thing to do. the ankle ones are so sophisticated. love them.

  5. Definitely different. I have never seen ink that wasn't part of something larger on the back of the heels. Great stories, thank you.

  6. I love the story of your tats.... they're beautiful but my favorite is on the back of your legs - they look sew feminine and remind me of the seamed hose that I think that look sexy which your tats most definitely do. Thank you sew much for participating in this hop and sponsoring the hop!
    Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
    Her Craftiness